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Are you fuckin’ serious?!


All over a gay man, Look at this shit.

ALL this over a GAY man.

Smh it isn’t that deep.

This was my childhood… Being a gay Jamaican isn’t easy I haven’t been to JA since cuz I’m terrified

since i left,aint shit changed

Yall dont understand how extremely homophobic Jamaica is. Even my cousins…like the shit they say about gay people would tear yall apart.

They will come after your life its no joke over there and the govt doesnt give a shit tbh

Yall thought Russia was bad??????

These people will come after you and your family its really no joke

But that Yarrah bitch said it was no big deal


yarrahs-life bitch you need to wake the fuck up

Why are you calling me a bitch? It’s no need. Grow up! And if you came to my blog and read my other comments instead of just dickeating, I talked about how coming out isn’t easy for everyone. And as I also said, other ppl face violence and hatred for things they can’t control. Such as skin tone. Please believe me nothing you can show me will cause me to think gays that deal with discrimination, have it any worse than any other minority group. So let’s not get into a who has it worst debate bc that’s pointless. I’m not denying the struggle, I’m saying it’s normal, and that every day ppl over come their adversities BY CHOICE!

Let it go. Someone on tumblr thinks differently. I said it and I stand by it. Nothing I said was disrespectful or rude. Certain ppl just didn’t agree with it. You can not bully me or name call me or troll me into backing down or changing my mind. Bc after all and at the end of day, you arguing with me about my opinion. How fucking stupid and petty is that? Stop trying to force me to change my mind or bully me. Bc it just makes you look bad and pressed, and bored. I have explained myself to ppl over and over yesterday. After this, this is my last time addressing it. I don’t care if you or anyone else needs an audience to attack a person with a different opinion. Im not weak. You can’t bully me. So move the fuck on. Not everyone thinks the same. Some ppl see social issues differently. I don’t think gay ppl should be praised for being openly gay, bc gay is normal to me. What I think should be praised are individual stories. I’m not saying this again. Stop trying to be a bully. Learn how to have conversations on tumblr even if you disagree, maturely. Name calling and bullying are weak and basic tactics, indicating how incapable a person is of expressing their thoughts. I’m not addressing this one more time. Take care.